Name Title Email address Phone number
Ellen  Belcher Special Collections Librarian
Reference Librarian
Associate Professor
Faculty profile (212) 237-8238
Marta  Bladek Associate Librarian for Public Services
Reference Librarian
Faculty profile (212) 237-8997
Jocelyn  Castillo Information Literacy Librarian
Assistant Professor (212) 237-8267
Kate  Cauley Web and Emerging Technologies Librarian
Assistant Professor (212) 237-8261
Kathleen  Collins Graduate Studies & Reserve Librarian
Reference Librarian,
Interim Special Collections Librarian
Faculty profile (212) 237-8242
Joy  Dunkley Circulation Librarian
Reference and Instruction Librarian
Assistant Professor (212) 237-8239
Ellis  Ging Technical Services Librarian
Substitute (212) 237 8235
Maria  Kiriakova Associate Librarian for Technical Services
Collection Development Librarian,
Reference Librarian
Associate Professor
Faculty profile (212) 237-8260
Geng Hua  Lin IT Academic Applications Director (212) 237-8248
Chunhui  Meng Library Webmaster (212) 237-8248
Karen  Okamoto Interlibrary Loan Librarian *On sabbatical until Fall 2024
Reference Librarian,
Institutional Repository Librarian
Associate Professor
Faculty profile (646) 557-4777
Ignacio  Sanchez Electronic Resources Librarian
Lecturer (212) 237-8234
Ellen  Sexton Chief Librarian
Media Librarian
Associate Professor
Faculty profile (212) 237-8258
Name Title Email address Phone number
Barbara  Carrel Adjunct Associate Professor (212) 237-8239
Betsy  Crenshaw Adjunct Assistant Professor (212) 237-8222
Michele  Echols Adjunct Assistant Professor (212) 237-8222
Lory  Gallo Adjunct Instructor (212) 237-8222
Maureen  Richards Adjunct Assistant Professor (212) 237-8234
Zuwang  Shen Adjunct Assistant Professor (212) 237-8222
Peggy  Teich Adjunct Assistant Professor (212) 237-8222
Mark  Zubarev Adjunct Assistant Professor (212) 237-8222
Name Title Email address Phone number
Zann  Blanchard Head of Circulation (212) 237-8224
Avis  Leary Library Bookkeeper (212) 237-8229
Liza  Linton Library Assistant (212) 237-8241
Marilyn  Rivera Library Technical Services Staff (212) 393-6892
Omar  Rivera Serials Staff
Debra  Spivey Library Technical Services Staff (212) 237-8581
Name Title Email address
Janice  Dunham Associate Librarian for User Services
Bonnie  Nelson Associate Librarian for Information Systems
Antony  Simpson Professor
Name Title
Carol  Alexander Chief Librarian
Jeffrey  Kroessler Chief Librarian
Marilyn  Lutzker Chief Librarian
Eileen  Rowland Chief Librarian
Larry E.  Sullivan Chief Librarian
Howard D.  Washburn Chief Librarian