New collection: Criminal Justice and Public Safety in Video

Check out our newest database of streaming videos! Criminal Justice and Public Safety in Video, from the Alexander Street Press, offers a collection (467 titles and growing) of documentaries, training videos, and interviews that offer real life strategies, techniques, and experiences of justice and public safety professionals as well as profiles and accounts from offenders and victims. Browse the collection to find videos like “The Arson Detectives,” a look inside Houston’s elite arson detective unit and how they find clues in ashes; or “Crime Ink,” a documentary about some of the people who work as crime reporters at New York City’s biggest newspapers; or “Behind Closed Doors,” an in-depth examination of domestic violence from both an abuser’s and a victim’s personal perspectives; and hundreds more. 

Don’t forget about our other great streaming video collections: American History in Video, Counseling & Therapy in Video, Ethnographic Video Online, and Films on Demand. Together, these collections contain thousands of full length documentary and dramatic films. All can be accessed on campus or from home. Find them on our A to Z list of databases or visit our video collection guide to access them and learn more about these and our DVD collection.