ebrary : trial of electronic books library


Directions:   Start by searching for a book with the advanced search box.  Select a book from the results list and click on the book title.  You will be prompted to install the reader, if needed.   The ebrary reader is a simple Java application that works safely with your browser as long as the settings  accept cookies and the pop-up blocker is set to accept pop-ups from the ebrary site.  You will be asked for permission to download the application and prompted to accept the License Agreement.  The installation should only take a minute or so.  Check the Help menu for advice based on the browser you use.  

 With the ebrary reader installed, you now have access to the full-text of over 37,000 books from all academic subjects.  You will be able to search for your specific topics of interest within the library of books, locate subsections of books that may be of interest, read the whole book online, print selected pages, and make notes in your private folder.

Try this out and let us know your comments via this blog or send emails to  ggross@jjay.cuny.edu