Digital Access to the New York Times

The New York Times began charging for online access to its current issue on March 28. Non-subscribers have access to twenty articles per month before being asked to pay. All of CUNY has access to the current content of the New York Times through LexisNexis, but this database does not have a browse function. To see content from the current issue of the newspaper, browse the content on the Times’ site, and then search for the desired articles by keyword in LexisNexis. Enter your search terms in the Search for box, and enter New York Times in the by source title box. When the search results appear, change the Sort dropdown menu from Relevance to Newest to Oldest. The content of each issue of the Times from 1985 to the present can be accessed in Academic OneFile, but this database lags one day behind the print/online Times. The content of the Times from 1980 to the present can be searched in LexisNexis, from 1985 to the the present in Academic OneFile, and from 1857 through 2007 in New York Times Historical File. These resources are available throughout CUNY.