Race and Justice Clearinghouse

An index to selected NGO reports, books and journal articles that focus on race and ethnicity and their interaction with the criminal justice and juvenile justice systems. Includes links to the full text of publications by the Sentencing Project.

Readers' Guide Full Text Mega Edition

Provides access to general-interest periodicals published in the U.S. from 1983 to the present as well as comprehensive indexing to periodicals published from 1890 to 1982.

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A web-based bibliographic citation management service that is useful for tracking citations, generating bibliographies and citing sources in papers.For help getting started with RefWorks see: http://guides.lib.jjay.cuny.edu/refworks.

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Regional Business News

Covers regional business news in metro and rural areas within the United States.

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Risk Abstracts (now part of Agricultural & Environmental Science Database)

Links to articles dealing with risk arising from industrial, technological, environmental, and other sources, with an emphasis on assessment and management of risk.

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