What if everyone in New York City read the same book at the same time?

By Bonnie Nelson

The Library’s third triennial survey of “in-Library use” confirms it: Lloyd Sealy Library users are a serious group.

Skepticism is a virtue

Larry Sullivan’s article, “Why retribution matters: Progression and not regression,” co-written with Kimberly Collica-Cox, was published in Theory in Action 10(2) in April

Did Bertha Barton commit suicide, taking her child with her, in the icy waters off Coney Island, or did the nefarious bigamist, Mr. Martin X. Boyce, murder her?

Fake news. Alternative facts. Post-truth. We are living in a world where facts are easier than ever to find, yet seem to matter less than ever before.

By Ellen Sexton

If all of New York City could read one book together, which book should be chosen? You decide!

The New York Times recently featured a list of 25 great books by refugees.


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